so on Monday I've run my weekly unclaim run and it would have unclaimed
exiv2, then I got distracted and then, when I wanted to commit, the note
already had been updated, resetting the timer. Great.

Until now, I have run this:

./bin/review-update-needed --lts --unclaim 1814400 --exclude linux linux-4.9

which unclaims entries in data/dla-needed.txt with more than 3 weeks of

As I have done this without problems since the end of November, while I
also did test runs with 2 weeks of inactivity - which had similar
results - I from now on intend to run it with "--unclaim 1209600" so
that stuff with more than 2 weeks of inactivity will be unclaimed, as
two weeks is already quite long (and updating a note is easy).

Please speak up if you think that's unreasonable or have some other

I do agree we should aim for further automatisation in future here, but
I also don't think this is urgent. Patches welcome though.


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