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Hi dhcpcd developers,

I'm trying to backport two recent CVEs to the dhcpcd 6.0.5 (!)

I don't officially support dhcpcd-6 anymore - it just gets the latest security fix to the last release.

codebase as part of the Debian LTS [0] and I was just checking-in to
get your response to a few thoughts of mine.

The first is about CVE-2019-11579 regarding the 1-byte read overflow
with the handling of  DHO_OPTSOVERLOADED. The diff in question [1]
that remedies this essentially just moves some code out of the case
handling, but this code is not part of dhcpcd 6.0.5 which only has:

                case DHO_OPTIONSOVERLOADED:
                        /* Ensure we only get this option once by setting
                         * the last bit as well as the value.
                         * This is valid because only the first two bits
                         * actually mean anything in RFC2132 Section 9.3 */
                        if (!overl)
                                overl = 0x80 | p[1];

… as part of the case statement. Does this mean that 6.0.5 is not
vulnerable to CVE-2019-11579 or that it *is* because it lacks the
underlying check?

It is vulnerable because it looks at p[1].
At this point we've not checked option length OR if it's inside the buffer.

Secondly, I am looking at CVE-2019-11766 which is regarding the buffer
over-read in D6_OPTION_PD_EXCLUDE, but I don't think support for DHCP
prefix lengths was even implemented in 6.0.5. The two diffs that
address this issue [2][3] appear to confirm this by referencing code
that is not part of that version.

Correct, there is no support for D6_OPTION_PD_EXCLUDE in dhcpcd-6.0.5


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