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tille pushed a change to branch master
in repository snap.

        at  195b3d0   Standards-Version: 4.1.1

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  bc828c5   Builds, as committed to experimental. The package needs 
testing and man pages, still.
       new  ef0e98c   Group maintenance
       new  4c84363   Series of local changes accidentially left uncommitted 
before.  * somewhat neat but unnecessary formatting changes  * adding uploader 
from upstream to vina  * rosetta build instructions  * pynast more verbose 
README.Debian  * snap changelog mentions upload to PPA
       new  b5a28bb   Added citation information; DEP5 checked using cme fix 
       new  7fc0f6d   I wished dh_make would stop injecting useless comments ...
       new  a24fbb5   Fix clean target to build twice in a row; enable building 
with hardening flags
       new  6700658   Use help2man to create simple man pages where possible
       new  d56b59f   Commit uncommitted changes in patches; wrapper to set 
environment variable ZOE to implement hint given in 00README installation 
instructions --> removed the now useless hint in README.Debian
       new  4545b11   Fix Vcs fields globally in all remaining packages because 
I'm bored by warnings in logfiles when investigating machine readable files of 
not yet uploaded packages
       new  3f64551   Field name is "Author" (without s)
       new  0f4d246   cme fix dpkg-control
       new  91d5369   Try to propagate hardening options (not finished yet)
       new  a45e82e   Fixed propagation of hardening options
       new  109f70c   Enhancing manpages
       new  0c29a9d   Mass commit 2010-07-28-2
       new  47211a3   Move debian/upstream to debian/upstream/metadata
       new  f67189e   New upstream version + adaoted watch file to new location
       new  66b26d6   moved debian/upstream to debian/upstrem/metadata
       new  1bf5c31   Exclude binary files without source (from OSX)
       new  c4ce723   cme fix dpkg-control
       new  dbff72d   Adapt patches to new upstream version
       new  dd579c1   Verified that a fix for #753849 is applied in new upstream
       new  da01f14   Add autopkgtest and upload to unstable
       new  b952bac   Fix homepage
       new  be03b86   fix building with GCC6
       new  1590923   update d/changelog
       new  c89bd4f   Add DEP3 headers
       new  fe93bc8   cme fix dpkg-control
       new  93e48f2   Priority: optional
       new  24e675c   Better hardening, Lintian override for false positive of 
timestamped gzip files
       new  13f809e   fix GCC6 building + hardening
       new  bf6fea3   itoa implementation had broken identation - use sprintf 
       new  31e6027   add missing braces
       new  9227899   Upload to unstable
       new  f25083f   debhelper 10, d/watch: version=4
       new  cc66456   Rename /usr/bin/snap to /usr/bin/snap-hmm (TODO: 
documentation in NEWS.Debian, README.Debian)
       new  4987039   Document name change and upload
       new  ef34f36   Rename package also in autopkgtest
       new  9401561   Drop unused lintian overrides
       new  3d13bc4   New upstream version 2013-11-29
       new  181514a   Updated version 2013-11-29 from 'upstream/2013-11-29'
       new  cf6256f   Moved packaging from SVN to Git
       new  195b3d0   Standards-Version: 4.1.1

The 43 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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