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tille pushed a change to branch master
in repository biomaj-watcher.

        at  407e7c8   Moved packaging from SVN to Git

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  c3609b9   add debian stuff for biomaj-watcher
       new  ece1dc1   debian upated
       new  76af771   add get orig source file
       new  765cd2f   propset update
       new  79b8314   set biomaj jar in tomcat shared libs
       new  4ffd850   set svn anonymous export
       new  f018d61   update README
       new  6a26f3a   add menu
       new  3e73044   rename menu file
       new  0ddb7c6   fix wrong char
       new  6946b95   do not use var/tmp anymore
       new  4b6475e   add a message
       new  fe42478   add a message
       new  c9f29a4   add info about dependencies
       new  336e70e   set java home
       new  8eabe49   user guide was missing
       new  2f02a4d   update to compile with gwt
       new  a726a56   update to compile with gwt
       new  b100532   update to compile with gwt
       new  9809de3   remove lintian warns
       new  8ed5059   remove lintian warns
       new  ebe9bb8   remove lintian warns
       new  2aa00b3   update scripts to accept arguments
       new  0df8f6b   add zip dependencies
       new  1f1f1a0   fix wrong path in postinst
       new  2aafc60   fix jar name
       new  db0f09c   add depends on tomcat6 version due to a required patch
       new  f1abbda   Add verbose info in crontrol
       new  5b35128   remove webapps rm, would cause upgrade issue
       new  805c34e   simplify rules file
       new  fc8d6ec   Add debhelper required version
       new  40629df   remove war creation, add cosmetic spaces
       new  dc58b83   update rights on webapp dir
       new  e4076f8   Smallish improvements to control file.
       new  fe957aa   Add source or license data in source package for external 
       new  d12bb83   Allowing compilation also with compatible JDKs.
       new  1933ae8   update copyright info for jar files
       new  65dfbb1   update copyright of included jars
       new  0f298c6   Two empty lines heading every Files: block.
       new  0facba5   update some license location
       new  7044227   Various bits.
       new  40746df   add comments on remaining lintian warnings
       new  7f2edfb   upstream update to 1.1
       new  02dec4d   update to 1.1
       new  0953076   symlink fail with tomcat
       new  5e05e4a   manage via watch file
       new  68e9b1d   update copyright for images
       new  012e9b2   add comment on image source
       new  41af60e   remove get-orig-source, not needed anymore
       new  8ec4348   fix copyright version
       new  444a232   set unstable release
       new  64bd30f   update comments and chmod missing file
       new  3b48782   add translation files  contributions for bugs 640057 and 
       new  b041492   add translation files  contributions for bugs 640057 and 
       new  e683fe2   reduce line length
       new  93c6340   fix context.xml param loading
       new  0f849d0   fix context.xml param loading
       new  51cc08d   dual biomaj dep declared
       new  2e83f79   add missing lib for compil
       new  6f422e7   add missing lib for compil
       new  fed1441   add symlink for missing lib
       new  b969ca4   add russion and portuguese translations
       new  276ff2c   add header to patch
       new  a840e4b   firx license formatting
       new  3e40da4   set multiple files with space speraration
       new  c944189   remove dual file declaration
       new  f6f2f32   add spaces to copyright authors
       new  805d697   add spaces to copyright
       new  ae31fc8   fix debconf typo
       new  73e12c7   add extended description to templates
       new  fcdd828   add German debconf translation
       new  2308e13   fix license typo
       new  2732a00   update after debian-l10-english review
       new  ca1370f   update after debian-l10-english review
       new  63dcd69   update after debian-l10-english review
       new  bbc75e8   use invoke-rc.d instead of service as per Debian policy
       new  5a657a0   update for language and postinst updates
       new  933d603   fix config and changelog for bug 657478
       new  1e1d5e4   update translations after template update
       new  cfd403b   update after review
       new  ea5b095   use uscan in get-orig-source target
       new  bfad21a   fix debconf translation bugs, set to unstable for upload
       new  6240b6f   add missing license paragraph
       new  a6b1bd7   Fix purge bug, add sv translation
       new  5ef0934   solve upgrade issue
       new  b46aa62   prepare for upload
       new  7e2e70b   update standards version
       new  ed96797   refix 670495, wrong file deleted
       new  661ea34   Fix Vcs fields globally in all remaining packages because 
I'm bored by warnings in logfiles when investigating machine readable files of 
not yet uploaded packages
       new  d6d50de   update sweedish translation
       new  d0b7c8f   use default java impl
       new  6c1ef0c   fix ownership permissions
       new  b6db801   add info and prepare for upload
       new  b1fec20   Add patch to prevent package file deletion by upstream 
       new  1647be5   switch to standards 3.9.4
       new  c334153   new upload to fix bug
       new  84f8c46   fix setperms for config file
       new  901576b   set bug number closed by release
       new  dee3cf0   new upstream release
       new  44c857a   Remove patches applied upstream
       new  3601169   prepare new upstream release 1.2.2 removing unused 
'binary' files
       new  72bd3a7   upload new release 1.2.2
       new  c9607f3   use standards 3.9.5
       new  64305a5   fix typo
       new  a4f8bb8   fix  769348 to switch to tomcat8
       new  0ffc7dc   add missing lib
       new  dd03246   upload fix release
       new  b7a54e7   add Turkish translation, closes 757872
       new  fea53b0   Depend on libmail-java instead of libgnumail-java
       new  842370a   Closes 866066 on missing libs related to quartz
       new  2f300d7   fix line too long
       new  98456b5   New upstream version 1.2.2
       new  38c016b   Merge tag 'upstream/1.2.2'
       new  78e9bd8   Re-add debian/ dir
       new  407e7c8   Moved packaging from SVN to Git

The 115 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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