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tille pushed a change to branch master
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        at  c95e841   Package removed from Debian but packaging VCS was moved 
from SVN to Git

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  40bd26d   Inject some very basic (and not yet working) packageing 
for medical, just giving the authors some kickstart
       new  9b3d1ad   Clean up some lintian warnings
       new  d67b65a   set mergeWithUpstream 1 for svn-buildpackage
       new  ca28375   Project medical was renamed to GNU Health.  Just rename 
the directory to make sure the project is addressed properly.  The packaging 
itself is not finished yet anyway; (some more changes which are obviosely 
hanging around uncommited in my repository)
       new  171d372   Slight adaptions to new package name / version.  Does not 
(yet) build a useful package
       new  49a71e7   Reflect name change from Medical to GNUHealth in copyrigh
       new  f8d7be9   d/watch correcting URL
       new  9b3c988   reformatting long lines
       new  3f3a0e3   new upstream version [1.6.4]; cleanup & working d/rules
       new  a0152a2   copyright update (minor)
       new  c387402   standards to 3.9.4 + dh/compat to v9
       new  29085ec   Depends as per upstream installation manual
       new  21046f2   install man page
       new  2b04e58   xz compression for source and binaries
       new  045f586   install README
       new  1a927bd   adding TODO.Debian
       new  b117cbf   adding X-Python-Version
       new  9ca7941   adding incompatibility note
       new  902a20c   Added dependencies on Tryton 2.4.X. Added steps to 
perform after installation to set GNU Health up.
       new  3b83290   Revert Standards-Version back to 3.9.4
       new  8e43ad8   Reverting other changes as discussed in
       new  65d2b03   Run uupdate from debian/watch to create an updated source 
       new  3a1a931   Update package for new version 1.8.0-1
       new  f04eae4   Update the list of things to do
       new  6fa163f   The package depends from packages that are only available 
in experimental - so we can at best upload to experimental
       new  8b6fd8a   New upstream release (1.8.1)
       new  3c94e1c   New upstream release (1.8.1) and Mention Dmitry Smirnov 
in the Files: debian/* section of debian/copyright (linked to previous commit 
       new  69cba15   Add a link to Debian Policy about creating the Operating 
System User
       new  eadc749   Add preinst and postinst maintainer scripts to stop and 
start the Tryton server when installing/upgrading
       new  de7eefc   Handle stopping and starting the Tryton server when 
removing the package
       new  2b8e7f4   Document the addition of the maintainer scripts in the 
       new  759d9e9   Structure to check if the gnuhealth database role already 
exists, create it if not and upgrade the gnuhealth database.
       new  c402e30   Check if the gnuhealth database role already exists
       new  73b8f8c   Check if the gnuhealth database exists
       new  90bb9ef   Update the gnuhealth database, if both the PostgreSQL 
role and the gnuhealth database exist
       new  861fd97   Use debconf to prompt the user to manually update its 
database. Currently makes Lintian sad, discussion started on the ML.
       new  afc553f   Adding dependency on tryton-modules-stock-lot, which is 
not yet available in Experimental. More info in debian/TODO.Debian
       new  b016bf5   Add lintian overrides for postinst-uses-db-input and 
no-debconf-config, since debconf is only used to display a warning message in 
the postinst
       new  bf5aaae   Allow for translation of debconf messages
       new  e6a72bf   Document the steps to update the debconf translation files
       new  3405035   French translation for debconf
       new  a489b8b   Add language info to the French translation
       new  3aaf9b9   Start using dbconfig-common to handle the database aspects
       new  3598cc4   Remove the Lintian override for no-debconf-config, now 
that we actually have a config script
       new  800223a   Add system user and create log directory
       new  4b94cd9   Comment out database user creation/db update and 
(re)starting of the Tryton server in the maintainer scripts, as all this logic 
needs to be rewritten
       new  4e6374c   Remove now-empty debian/preinst
       new  cd62c68   Depend on adduser
       new  dc6b13b   Rename the binary package gnuhealth to gnuhealth-server 
(see discussion on
       new  a87cc23   Create gnuhealth-server, the deamon for running GNU Health
       new  30f694d   Configuration file for the gnuhealth-server deamon
       new  ada8682   Use dbconfig-common to handle the database tasks. Create 
system user.
       new  65b3e5d   Update documentation
       new  e520f90   Correct typo
       new  e679d8e   Remove the debconf stuff that's not used anymore (might 
want to add this warning back in the future, to warn the user that the database 
must be manually upgraded if dbconfig-common is not used)
       new  2162567   Removing empty directory
       new  a47c0af   Add new stesp in the TODO, to create new gnuhealth-client 
and gnuhealth packages
       new  8dc4b6a   add get-orig-source target
       new  4af3ac8   fixing get-orig-source
       new  15b8992   Fix spelling error in manpage
       new  38fe096   gnuhealth-server does not depend on tryton-client anymore
       new  3e7659b   Ignore manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry Lintian warning. The 
project's manpage uses the project's official name.
       new  7ac0085   Delete all the COPYING files instead of linking to 
       new  8418ddd   Remove empty directories (locale folder of ICU module)
       new  652f83b   Add copyright holder C├ędric Krier for */
       new  f36e897   Add copyright holder and licence for SVG icons
       new  50593c0   Add copyright info for debian/gnuhealth-server.init and 
debian/gnuhealth-server.default (adapted from tryton-server's Debian package)
       new  b2564ca   Indicate that bug #707638 is closed
       new  037c250   Solve pedantic Lintian message 
       new  1a586c6   Create a separate binary package gnuhealth-client
       new  c8d21e7   Correct comment in debian/rules
       new  d6752d1   First simplified gnuhealth-client: symlink the gnuhealth 
command to tryton
       new  3f0329c   Revert r13543: the gnuhealth command will not be just a 
       new  896ee0a   Default Tryton client config and profiles files that are 
customized for Debian's GNU Health server (separate Tryton server instance)
       new  7c7a525   New Python script that provides the `gnuhealth` command. 
It is a wrapper around tryton-client that takes care of seeding the user's 
installation with config files adapted for Debian's GNU Health server (which 
itself is a Tryton server automatically set up for use with GNU Health)
       new  7679104   Update TODO
       new  22bd42c   Update TODO
       new  ce8d29e   Write new manpages for the gnuhealth-client and 
gnuhealth-server packages. Those manpages are written from scratch (not using 
this manpage provided by upstream), include both information relative to the 
specificities of the Debian package and general information on GNU Health 
retrieved from
       new  1786c7b   New "gnuhealth" metapackage that allows for easy 
installation of everyting needed to run a GNU Health instance on a single 
       new  fd401b7   Add menu and .desktop files for gnuhealth-client
       new  790d1b3   Improve README.Debian a bit
       new  d77d73b   Update TODO about installing the demo database
       new  58b976c   Make the server's configuration file only readable by the 
gnuhealth user (as it might contain sensitive authentication information 
[doesn't right now])
       new  29669b1   Updating dependencies for GNU Health version 2.0
       new  ad8775e   GNU Health used to have a Makefile, but now we have to do 
it manually
       new  925198e   Tryton 1.8 is in both testing and experimental, yay!
       new  bfd30cb   Update info on demo database for version 2.0
       new  b783f99   Make a backup of the database prior to upgrading and run 
the pre script provided by upstream
       new  df86812   Better Build-Depends and Depends on Python (Closes: 
       new  a9ea467   Remove unused ${shlibs:Depends} and ${python:Depends}
       new  10f0bfa   Fix Lintian Info: gnuhealth source: 
       new  2ca2cf8   Add Keywords entry to gnuhealth-client desktop file
       new  8d8421e   Updating d/changelog to upload version 2.0 to experimental
       new  af16e56   Explicitly depend on Postgres, since Tryton-server only 
recommends it. Reason: if GNU Health server is configured before Postgres, our 
dbconfig-common scripts will fail since they can't connect to the database. 
Since tryton-server makes their users manually configure their packages, 
they're actually fine just recommending and not depending on Postgres, but 
that's just not good enough for us ;)
       new  f188a0e   Bump package version to 2.0.0-2, ready for upload to 
       new  af1f733   Document the steps needed to package a new upstream GNU 
Health version
       new  565830b   First changes for GNU Health 2.4.0
       new  bf2259b   Update with new Tryton version and 
create the Tryton config directory if it doesn't exist
       new  c6466ff   Update info on what to update when packaging a new version
       new  454e412   Priority optional as per Debian Med policy
       new  013eb22   cme fix dpkg-control to get rid of unneeded versioning 
       new  de68b35   Upload to experimental
       new  884a820   Updating d/changelog to upload to unstable. Yay!
       new  25fb81a   Create new changelog entry for gnuhealth in unstable
       new  68640b6   Move the upgrade scripts for dbconfig-common to the 
correct place (DBTYPE/VERSION instead of just DBTYPE)
       new  6f17b79   Overhaul of the upgrade process in preparation of new GNU 
Health version 2.4.1. Now the database gets backed up by preinst, and updated 
by postinst. If upstream-provided upgrade scripts need to be run, that is 
handled by dbconfig-common.
       new  7156ea9   Cosmetic changes
       new  86a58d5   Do not use hardcoded database name
       new  87bbbed   Use upgrade script provided by upstream for 2.4
       new  a98ddd2   Fixed upstream, not necessary anymore to remove empty 
       new  642f96f   gnuhealth 2.4.1-1 ready to be uploaded to unstable
       new  a60d9d6   Actually run the upgrade script provided by upstream for 
       new  98c747d   Use su instead of sudo to run commands as gnuhealth user 
(Closes: #739657)
       new  9b2731a   Indicate to update the GNU Health version number in the 
       new  8896ef0   Remove outdated lines in d/TODO.Debian
       new  fd54f13   Forgot to indicate that also the data needs to be updated 
in the manpage
       new  de026c9   Major reduction in GNU Health Debian package 
functionality. See #748561 for further details.
       new  c4248fd   Due to name conflict, d/manpages couldn't be added to the 
previous commit
       new  156a9ae   Refer to the Tryton installation procedure
       new  2dcf5c6   Add NES.Debian to announce the important change at 
package upgrade time; makr package as UNRELEASE in SVN (for the moment)
       new  aef1669   Moved packaging from SVN to Git
       new  c95e841   Package removed from Debian but packaging VCS was moved 
from SVN to Git

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