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Replaced some implicite references to Alioth

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- policy.xml


--- a/policy.xml
+++ b/policy.xml
@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@
                                                  needed when using the <link 
linkend="git-buildpackage">gbp buildpackage</link>
                                                  helper.  Alternatively to 
<command>debcheckout</command>, the command
                                                  <command>gbp clone</command> 
will also track the relevant branches:<programlisting>
-<command>gbp clone</command> 
+<command>gbp clone</command> 
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@
                                                        For read-only access 
with <command>debcheckout</command>, remove
<option>--user</option> option.  With <command>gbp clone</command>,
                                                        use an anonymous URL 
like the following:<programlisting>
-<command>gbp clone</command> 
+<command>gbp clone</command> 
@@ -232,8 +232,8 @@
                        <sect3 id="new-repository-with-gbp">
                                <title>To create a new local git 
                                 <para>Before you create a new git repository 
you probably want to check whether your target project just exists.
-                                      <ulink 
url="";>Here</ulink> is an overview 
about all projects
-                                      packaged in Git by the Debian Med team.
+                                      In the Gitlab interface of <ulink 
url="";>Salsa</ulink> you can seek
+                                      for software packaged by the Debian Med 
                                <para>When the upstream sources are distributed 
as compressed <command>tar</command> archives (<literal>tar.gz</literal>, 
 <command>mkdir</command> <filename class="directory">package</filename>

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