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Remove invalid fields from debian/upstream/metadata

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- debian/upstream/metadata


--- a/debian/upstream/metadata
+++ b/debian/upstream/metadata
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
 Contact: Brian Walenz, Jason Miller, Michael Schatz, Sergey Koren
 Name: WGS Assembler
  AUTHOR: M. K. N. Lawniczak and S. J. Emrich and A. K. Holloway and A. P. 
Regier and M. Olson and B. White and S. Redmond and L. Fulton and E. Appelbaum 
and J. Godfrey and C. Farmer and A. Chinwalla and S.-P. Yang and P. Minx and J. 
Nelson and K. Kyung and B. P. Walenz and E. Garcia-Hernandez and M. Aguiar and 
L. D. Viswanathan and Y.-H. Rogers and R. L. Strausberg and C. A. Saski and D. 
Lawson and F. H. Collins and F. C. Kafatos and G. K. Christophides and S. W. 
Clifton and E. F. Kirkness and N. J. Besansky

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