On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 07:54:23AM +0000, Preussner, Jens wrote:
> I think it would be a great idea to have a tutorial on Debian Med on the BC2 
> or ISMB. I also would love to see something "hands-on", because knowing the 
> wealth of software packages that are readily available and also having the 
> intention to participate in the packaging itself is one thing. Actually 
> "making" packages is obviously another. 
> Personally, the one and only time I was confronted with that during my 
> training was due to good will of Laszlo Kajan, who put a lot of effort into a 
> practical course at the university. I still benefit from this, but I did not 
> make it to actually apply this knowledge. 

I admit I do not really know how to fill 1 hour our more with
introducing the "usage" of Debian Med.  I think it takes less than 5
minutes to explain that installing med-bio and med-bio-dev needs to be
installed on a Debian system.  I might like to add for 10 minutes that
it would be great help to recive bug reports, a wishlist what urgently
should be packaged and for sure code contributions.  Everything else
is simply using the installed software as on any other system.  The
advantage is that you are just way faster to install and upgrade your

Regarding a packaging tutorial:  If there is some way to make my trip
and stay cost neutral I'd happily hold as many packaging tutorials as
you want.

For sure I can also hold a Debian Med talk, about ideas behind, people
who contributed, how to join etc.  But I would not call it "tutorial".
I *personally* do not feel qualified to give an introduction into
bioinformatics software.

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