Hello Mark, 

I gave the program a shot running the bundled windows executable in
wine (the Windows executable is in the zip file). I think you would
probably be better off using something else - Karsten metioned
aeskulap, and gingkocadx, but also amide and xmedcon are packaged.

- it would need porting (maybe that's easy) from
>   Delphi to FreePascal
This does really seem to be a show stopper, I don't know whether
anybody here on the list has the needed expertise. 

> - the source doesn't seem to cater to being
>   compiled on Linux so may need to be ported/
>   adjusted to Linux compatibility, too
There is actually the Kylix version, which was Borlands port of Delphi
to Linux, and Lazerus, the Free Pasacal IDE, seems to have some support
for porting code, but given above programs, I don't seen that this is
really worth the effort. 

> - the license contains a no-endorsement clause
>   which may need to be checked against DFSG
AFAICS this is a pretty standard clause found in many licenses, so it
shouldn't pose a problem. 

As a real problem I see that the Dicom reader is not based on any of
the available DICOM libraries (dcmtk or gdcm), and hence new DICOM
features will not be added (unless someone knowledgable adds these to
the pascal code). 

Thanks for the pointers anyway, 


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