I am now packaging an ImageJ plugin that uses maven as build system.
For that, it makes use of the ij.jar in Maven Central and the related
pom.xml file which is part of ImageJA [1].  In addition, the plugin is
a Java library on its own right and as such has its javadocs which are
dependent on the imagej javadocs which are not currently packaged.

I am fixing both of those issues on the debian imagej package but this
would be made simpler if the package was updated first.  Could you
please update it for the latest (1.51p)?  No need to actually upload
the new version.

More details on why:

I have asked pkg-java on how to best to handle the issue of the
pom.xml and was told to simply download the pom file from ImageJA and
include it on the debian directory and then install it with
maven-repo-helper.  I have accomplished that [2] but had to fudge it
because for some reason ImageJA skipped the version 1.51i [3] which is
the one currently packaged in Debian.  I would prefer not have to
fudge anything.

I managed to change the imagej package to also build the imagej
javadocs and have an extra libimagej-java-docs package for it.
However, this currently fails due to a bug on ImageJ which I believed
is fixed on later releases.  Maybe this is the reason why ImageJA
skipped version 1.51i since they also release javadocs.


Since I would be adding a libimagej-java-doc packages, maybe it would
make sense to have the pair libimagej-java?  The lib package would
just package /use/share/java/ij.jar while the imagej package would
have the actual ImageJ program.


[1] http://imagej.net/ImageJA
[2] https://github.com/carandraug/debian-imagej/commit/6ef7c9836d22b48
[3] http://maven.imagej.net/content/groups/public/net/imagej/ij/

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