Hi, Andreas. Hi, Molly.

I am Rupal Jain,  a 3rd-year undergrad studying at IIIT Delhi, India. I am
majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Computational Biology. I am
applying to Outreachy 2018 round 16. I am particularly interested in
the "*Quality
assurance for biological applications inside Debian project*".

A little background of mine:

I have been into programming since class 11th. Have been coding primarily
in C, C++. Also, have done projects in and have a good understanding of
Matlab, Python, and Java. I am a decent and confident coder having written
decently complex codes since my college days. I have a fair understanding
of Operating Systems, and strong in data structures and algorithms, and
their analysis and design. I'm a newbie to the world of open source. which
is the prime reason why I'm applying to Outreachy i.e to get a head-start.
And so that FOSS doesn't sound alien to me anymore. :P

The prime reason as to why I am interested in Bioinformatics project inside
Debian is that, I am Computational Biology enthusiast. I have been involved
in the field since past one year and have done/doing relevant courses at my
institute and doing projects in them.

*Relevant courses I took/taking*: Quantitative Biology, Computational
Neuroscience, Chemoinformatics, Network Biology, Network Science.
Alongside, I am also doing research projects in these domains as a part of
my courses.

*Self-learning*: Mathematical models in Biology. Studying it by myself as
I'm fascinated with the mathematical logic and aspect behind most of the
things I study.

Due to this exposure, I could resonate so well with this project under
Debian. *And*, I am excited to learn about bioinformatics from a whole new
aspect with Debian.

In addition to just sounding cool, the work looks challenging too. Being a
total beginner to Debian packaging or concepts along this line, the project
surely has a good learning curve for me.

So, I'll just list the things I have gone through and am aware of and other
trivial stuff and what question I have:

1. First and foremost, I have subscribed to your mailing list (have also
cc'ed it here as I have read that you guys prefer to keep most of your
conversations public, which does make sense to me).
2. I went through the archived conversations through the mailing lists for
GSoC/Outreachy program to know what questions did past applicants have,
what you answered them and also, to see whether there are already many
potential applicants for this project and whether you have finalized one of
them to be an intern, etc.
3. I have gone through this
<https://debian-med.alioth.debian.org/docs/policy.html> policy document as
I saw that you have redirected many individuals to this document as an
essential reading. I got to know about Debian Pure Blend, motivation and
aim of the "Debian Med project", and also reading like, "Developers
reference" and "New Maintainers guide", although I couldn't understand the
technical portion too well.
4. I also came across the *MoM *program here
<https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMed/MoM>, I want to be a part of it and in
the process of learning Debian packaging during MoM, I can also make
appropriate contributions to the project for Outreachy.
5. On this <https://blends.debian.org/med/tasks/> tasks page, it shows a
whole list of Debian Med packages, so is there a particular package on
which I will be working on in the beginning or is it still to be decided?
Because based on names of meta packages, I feel more interested in some
packages more than other (broad fascination with themes), but I'm sure
you'll know it better that which one I should be working on.
6. Is this <https://www.debian.org/distrib/> the right link for me to head
towards setting up Debian environment?

I have just looked up to the internet to know what do we *mean *by
packaging in Debian, to get a gist of what is there to be done, but this
gave me a very broad view/glimpse of what it means, but only *theoretically.
*But to get into actual coding and building packages and understanding the
*workflow*, without which there wouldn't be much of a point to go on
solving bugs, I'll need help (as a beginner would do). Like MoM program,

I am not sure if I am late in contacting you as the deadline is 22nd March
for submitting contributions. Although, the contributions we make after
that (till the results are announced) might also be counted.

Let me know what you think.


Thanks and regards

*Rupal Jain*2015081
CSE undergrad(3rd year) | IIITDā€Œ

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