Hi Andreas,

I have just added an autopkgtest to *coils* (commit
Could you, please,  take a look at it and help me with a few questions I
have about the process:

   1. I noticed that tests usually try to run a program using test data
   from a package and check for errors. There was one in *coils* available
   and I used it in my autopkgtest. Is it enough to check that the program
   runs without errors or it would be preferable to check if the output is
   correct (there is a sample output in *coil's* Readme)?
   2. Was I right by indicating "Team upload" in *debian/changelog* or it
   should be NMU?
   3. What would be my next step? Should I find a sponsor?

I would really appreciate any feedback you can give me.

Thank you,

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