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On Sat, Apr 07, 2018 at 09:51:08AM +0000, Liubov Chuprikova wrote:
> I've looked at *bedtools* package yesterday to understand how it works and
> how it is tested. The tests are written in a new way for me. It seems that
> I need to make changes in the test files outside the debian directory. Is
> it normal to modify upstream files in the usual way or I need something
> special to know how to work with upstream files?

You should not change upstream files.  If there is any need to change
these you can do this with quilt patches.  This is a short quilt
workflow (make sure you have added a quilt configuration as described in
Debian Med policy).

  quilt new test_suite_fixes.patch
  quilt edit file1_that_needs_to be changed
  quilt edit file2_that_needs_to be changed
  quilt refresh
  quilt pop
  git add debian/patches/*
  git commit -a -m"Fix upstream tests"

If you are not as comfortable with quilt you can alternatively edit the
git files and do

  mkdir -p debian/patches
  git diff > debian/patches/test_suite_fixes.patch
  echo test_suite_fixes.patch >> debian/patches/series

(the series file is listing all patches that should be applied.  You
can have more than one patch.)

In this case make sure you revert your changes in upstream dir -
may be by using

  git stash

If you are using patches please also add DEP3 headers at least

  Description: Fix test suite

Hope this is sufficient for a short introduction 



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