I face several javadoc errors (ending with NullPointerException) with
openjdk 9 while updating package htsjdk.

I saw on internet several bugs related to javadoc.

Error ends with :

    javadoc: error - An exception occurred while building a component:

If I delete impacted files from doc, I go further but many files are

Anyone faced and could solve this?
It used to work on JDK8.

Example impacted "doc":

     * Calls close() on all elements of <code>objs</code> that implement
     * @param objs   A list of potentially closeable objects
     * NOTE: This method must take a List<? extends Object>, not
List<Object>, otherwise the overload above will be selected
     * if the argument is not exactly List<Object>.

Removing the last 2 lines part works.

Last option would be to remove javadoc package or patch all files... :-(


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