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From: Hans Ienasescu <>
Date: Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 5:50 PM
Subject: [bio-tools/biotoolsRegistry] COVID-19 tools list (#505)

This issue is a placeholder for a discussion related to the
COVID-19 related tools list.

There is a *COVID-19* related subdomain in at:
* <>*

*Everyone* is encouraged to populate the tools list at the
subdomain above.
In order to populate the subdomain you can:

   - *post a link to a entry in this thread as a comment*
   - *Tag tools in with the COVID-19 collection*
   - Email with tool recommendations
   (*less recommended*, *only if you don't have a or GitHub
   - Post a link to a tool not in (*less recommended*, *might
   take a long time until the tool actually gets into*)

If you post a tool here or tag tools with the COVID-19 collection, I (and
other willing folks) will update the *
<>* subdomain as soon as possible.

*Please only post or add tools that are of real relevance to COVID-19!*
What is of *real relevance* is open to discussion and we should have that
discussion, but let's not spam this thread with arguments on what is

Michael R. Crusoe

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