On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 06:23:19PM +0200, Bastien ROUCARIÈS wrote:
> > I recall you were saying something about this aiming to experimental,
> > because some SONAME changed (I didn't really checkout), which must also
> > be the reason you're asking for sponsorship (=> the package will go
> > through NEW, so you can't upload yourself).  But your upload is
> > targetting unstable.
> Corrected

That means you're going to start a transition.  I won't help you with
that unless you get an ACK from the release team, which afaik you

> > Things I want to see fixed:
> > 
> > 1/ you didn't incorporate any NMU
> Change included and NMU aknowledge. This version go back before the NMU

you don't need anymore (since a decade…) to reclose the bugs if you're
including the old changelog entries.

> > 2/ the Vcs-* field, Vcs-Git is plain broken.
> Done

not in git.

> > Other things that you may consider changes in future, not needed now:

Great that you did most of them, but you didn't push (at least not to

> Now building will remove package from mentors and uploading a new one

no need if you push to git.

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