I incorporated the suggestions by Ben as per my previous email.
Also now the test handling has been improved, removing the binary file 
that was previously packaged.

Furthermore, I received some comments from Mattia Rizzolo (mapreri) via irc.
In detail:
* d/control:
** please sort your depedencies.
   wrap-and-sort(1) will help here.
   I like the options -ast, but probably you'll be happy enough with -s only.

** in python-cf you have an explicit dependency on a library package.
   Why? the shlibs system is supposed to find all dependencies on shared
   lib by themself, though you're missing a dep on ${shlibs:Depends}
I added ${shlibs:Depends}.
The explicit dependency is necessary because the python code loads the
library via ctypes, hence shlibs cannot detect it.

* why there is no python3 package, why?
At the moment there is no python3 support in upstream.
I am working to change that, but I would very much like to see the
python2 package ready.

* d/python-cf.lintian-overrides
  I don't remember ever seeing this tag emitted, but it does look
  like something fishy is going on. if you really have a good reason
  to override such a thing, please add a convincing comment.

* d/repack
  why instead of using such a script you don't use the newish
  feature of uscan+mk-origtargz to remove those files?
  this file really looks like it's only wasting time understanding
  what it does when it just remove files...

* d/rules:
  please do the sphinx thing only in the -indep build
  in line 31 you have a comment "Add sphinixdoc to the dh --with line",
  which seems unprecise considering that it's already there
  if the last commented-out target is meant to only be called by you
  from time to time, I'd rather call it differently (like 'rebuild-static-doc'
  or somesuch) and leave it uncommented, then you'd call
  `debian/rules rebuild-static-doc` when you need it.
The commented-out target was a remnant from the dpmt template.
I removed it and put the documentation building into 
as suggested.

* d/source.lintian-overrides
  I like the file better if it is under d/source/  
  there is really no good reason to override source-is-missing unless that's a
  false positive, which looks like this is not the case?
  so, instead please fix it, jquery and the others are in the archive
  use it and strip them out of the tarball

* d/source_package_build.bash
  this is a weird thing... not sure why you need it, but you're business :)
Was sourced in the repack script; is now gone along with it.

* DONE d/patches
  0005: is at least this one forwarded?
Both 0004 and 0005 are forwarded. The others are genuinly debian specific, I 

I hope with these changes the package can be considered for inclusion?

Mattia already declined sponsoring on grounds of not sponsoring Debian virgins 
like myself.
Ben, would you consider?


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