Hi there,

I encountered an unexpected FTBFS on amd64 that I can't repro.[1]
And I'd like to ask the list before fixing it by e.g. an binary
only upload.

My package lua-torch-torch7/experimental fails[2] to build from
source because of an "illegal instruction" error at the debhelper
auto test stage. However from that buildlog I can't tell which
program to blame -- luajit or lua-torch-torch7.

The upstream code indeed contains instruction specific stuff but
I have never encountered such failure on amd64 architecture.
Besides, I tested this package with debomatic-amd64[3] and the
result is quite healthy.

So I have trouble allocating where the source of problem is.

Cosmic ray?

My questions:

 * should we suspect the health state of that amd64 buildd
   machine «binet»?
 * what should I do next? do a binary-only amd64 upload or
   request (and how) for a rebuild against that package?


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