On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 04:08:40PM +0800, gustavo panizzo (gfa) wrote:
> I was tempted to do a QA upload for ora2pg [0], which is nice software because
> helps people to move out from Oracle DB, but the popcon value is very low (< 
> 12) [1]
> and the package has only one bug open, an automatic RC bug [2], that shows
> that doesn't have many users out there.

It's a package like mb2md: you install it, run once, then remove.  If it
ever stays installed, it's because the user forgot about it and doesn't know
about debfoster.

Thus, popcon is useless here.  If you think this software is important, it
is, and fixes would be welcome.

The bill declaring Jesus as the King of Poland fails to specify whether
the addition is at the top or end of the list of kings.  What should the
historians do?

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