Dmitry Bogatov <> writes:

> During my work on bglibs, I discovered following:
>  - new upstream release (2.03) include doxygen documentation into tarball
>  - unlike previous packageed release (1.06) it contains minified JS file
>  - Lintian warns about source package, containing prebuilt documentation
>    and about file without source (JS one), so I repacked tarball.
>  - freshly rebuilt with doxygen at build time documentation again
>    contain minified JS file and Lintian again complains about it.
> I have no clue about Doxygen, but is it any way to make it (from most
> preferred to least preferred):
>  - make built documentation refer to JS from libjs-jquery
>  - generate symlinks to apporiate libjs-jquery files instead
>    of making copies
>  - do not combine several JS modules into single file
>  - do not minify JS
> Help or experience sharing are welcome.

for some background.  I usually add a Lintian override to my
documentation packages along the lines of:

# This file is installed by Doxygen and is more than just a minimized jQuery
# copy.  The Doxygen maintainers recommend against trying to replace it with
# a symlink to the version in libjs-jquery.
embedded-javascript-library usr/share/doc/*/api/html/jquery.js please use 

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