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I still see a lot of old junk in debian/control:
- did you write that Build-Depends? if no, please write them from scratch,
  making sure they are complete and necessary.
- why Conflicts: oprofile-modules*? There are no such packages in last
- Replaces: oprofile-common? Suggests: oprofile-gui? Replaces: oprofile
  (<< 0.9.6-1ubuntu1)? The same.
- oprofile gets a Depends: binutils via, it
  shouldn't also Recommend it.

You don't need .shlibs when you use .symbols.
Why does the oprofile user need /bin/bash as a shell?
Why do you need the debconf snippet in postrm?
What is /usr/doc/oprofile which is removed in prerm?
Please don't mix debhelper files with and without package prefixes (this
is about maintainer script files).
Instead of editing .la you should delete it.
Instead of manually installing to debian/oprofile and manually moving to
other package dirs you should use dh_install to move from debian/tmp to
package dirs.
Please upgrade to the current Standards-Version.
Please switch to the debhelper compat level 10.
Why are the dev files for the libs shipped in the main subpackage?
Is libjvmti_oprofile intended to be a public shared library? It looks like
a plugin.


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