The last mention of the open-cobol package I've found was on
where it was mentioned as being orphaned.

The open-cobol package includes OpenCOBOL 1.1 from February 2009.
OpenCOBOL was renamed to GnuCOBOL when accepted as GNU project.

The official and signed source pacakges can be found at

The current version of GnuCOBOL is 2.2 (September 2017) and the 2.3
version is expected to be available in December 2017.

I'd like to know if there's something the GnuCOBOL project can do to
allow the orphaned open-cobol package to be replaced with a new gnucobol
package and provide updates for it.

Note: The package currently has a dependency on libdb, *if* this should
not be kept for the new package the dependency could be removed (there
are currently no debian packages for other libraries which can be used
as a replacement, therefore a part of the GnuCOBOL runtime would be
disabled [configure option --without-db]).

If this would help I'm willing to do package work, too - but this would
need a mentor as I've packaged different software for different package
managers already, but not for debian.

Simon Sobisch
GNU maintainer for GnuCOBOL

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