On Fri, 2018-02-09 at 07:29 +0100, Maxime Werlen wrote:

> Thanks for your time reviewing my packages.

Thanks for adopting urlwatch!

> I've tried to fix as much issues as I'm capable.

There is only the blocker of ftp-masters accepting minidb now.

It would be nice to fix these extra issues at some point:

Upstream released 2.8 on 2018-01-28.

The upstream thpinfo.com website has a broken TLS certificate:

The certificate is only valid for thp.io
The certificate expired on 22/03/17 04:52.

I would suggest switching Debian copyright/control to thp.io
and or contacting upstream about fixing their TLS certificate.

I would suggest wrapping debian/watch between the URL and regex.



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