> > [2018-02-12 13:07] Sean Whitton <spwhit...@spwhitton.name>
> >> > Last version is at bacef877c2f9293f9e1fd624b32d5306d7bc3c27 Maybe,
> >> > you could try again?
> >>
> >> Still FTBFSs.  Log attached.
> >>
> >> I suspect that the debomatic sid chroot is out-of-date.
> >
> > Stange. Just did 'sbuild-update -udcar', and still fails to reproduce.
> > I have same version of build-essential, by the way.
> >
> > Added debomatic admin into CC, maybe he has any opinion about
> > situation.  If not, I could remove sanitize support, although I am not
> > so happy with it. Or maybe you could tar.gz your chroot and upload
> > somewhere?
> I tried deleting and rebuilding my chroot and disabling ccache and
> tmpfs, and I tried building on my i386 machine, again after rebuilding,
> disabling ccache and disabling tmpfs.
> In all cases the package FTBFS.  I attach my i386 log..
> I'm not sure how to proceed.  I can't upload this if I can't build it,
> and my configuration seems sufficiently standard that even if you are
> able to build it, we shouldn't upload.  Maybe we should try disabling
> sanitize support for now.

I understand your concerns, Sean. I invited Gianfranco into thread,
maybe he would sponspor instead.  Ah, another absurd idea. What about
your building package on debomatic? Maybe for some reason your source
package, generated from git repository, differs from mine? Also, could
you please try to run binaries, built by debomatic? Do they crash?

Hello! Gianfranco, could you please consider building and, probably,
sponsoring this package? We have issue, that it FTBFS on Sean's setup,
but builds on mine and on debomatic. As debomatic admin notified,
debomatic is not out-of-date {updated this sunday}.


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