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TL;DR: ok to distribute GPLv3 code with license key check for an existing build 
that does not have that license check?

ultracopier's source code has a license check when built in ultimate mode. 
However the 
source code is readily available, licensed under GPLv3 and I plan to ship a non 
ultimate build 
into Debian. Is that ok according to DFSG and thus ok to distribute in Debian? 
I would say 
yes because the build Debian would distribute wouldn't be restricted in use and 
its source 
code would be readily available and free to be modified.

I'm less sure about the ultimate edition (note that this would not affect 
Debian). GPLv3 says:

"You may not impose any further restrictions on the exercise of the 

I think the license key check is such a further restriction. So even though I 
could not find any 
written restriction in redistribution of an ultimate editon, neither in the 
source, nor on the 
website of the software project that the license check link to, I would say it 
fails to respect the 
GPL. It does not even prevent redistribution of the license key itself as far 
as I could see but 
that shouldn't change the decision either.

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