Updated link to dsc:


I've tagged 74b8c69 as debian/0_git20180324.79fc648-1.

  git clone https://salsa.debian.org/emacsen-team/yasnippet-snippets.git

Updated changes since last version:

yasnippet-snippets (0~git20180324.79fc648-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Update upstream from git commit 79fc648.
  * Add elpa-yasnippet-snippets package:
    - Add 0003-Synchronise-declared-version-with-MELPA.patch.
    - d/control: Change section to lisp.
    - d/control: Add elpa-yasnippet-snippets section.
    - d/control: Rely on ${elpa:Depends} for dependency resolution.
    - d/control: Add Breaks, Replaces, and Provides.
    - d/control: yasnippet-snippets is now a dummy transitional package
                 that depends on elpa-yasnippet-snippets.
  * Update maintscripts to accommodate elpafication.
  * Add 0004-Add-missing-keys-for-all-markdown-mode-snippets.patch.
    0001-Rename-files-that-are-prohibited-in-Debian-packages.patch changed
    the behaviour of markdown-mode snippets, because they defined their
    keys based on file names.  This patch restores the expected behaviour.
  * Declare Standards-Version: 4.1.4. (No changes needed)

 -- Nicholas D Steeves <nstee...@gmail.com>  Thu, 12 Apr 2018 16:39:12 -0400

yasnippet-snippets (0~git20180307.2b4c4d7e-2) unstable; urgency=medium


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