On Thursday, July 12 2018, Lars Kruse wrote:

> Hello Sergio,

Hey Lars,

> thank you for reviewing my packaging attempt!

No problem.  Thank you for packaging for Debian :-).

> Am Wed, 11 Jul 2018 23:21:05 -0400
> schrieb Sergio Durigan Junior <sergi...@debian.org>:
>> [..]
>> 1) On d/copyright, you don't list the files under the "debian/"
>> directory.  These should be listed, and you should be the author.  I
>> recommend choosing the same license as upstream, just to make things
>> simpler.
>> 2) On d/control, Standards-Version should now be 4.1.5.
>> 3) Better safe than sorry: on d/control, the Vcs-* fields should point
>> to your salsa.d.o repo.
> Done (1-3).
>> 4) On d/rules, you can remove the "override_dh_auto_install" target if
>> you're not using it.
> Done.
> I am a bit embarrassed, that I overlooked that cruft ...

No need to be embarassed.  That's why we do reviews :-).

Hm, it seems you removed an important line, the one that was exporting
the HOME variable.  It's needed because the Makefile uses it to
determine the install location.

Also, some things I forgot to mention in my first review:

1) Since this is the first release of the package, a d/changelog with an
entry like:

  sharness (1.0.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

    * Initial release. (Closes: #902730).

   -- Lars Kruse <de...@sumpfralle.de>  Fri, 13 Jul 2018 00:47:01 +0200

would have been enough.  But this is just to save you time; I definitely
don't complain about extensive changelogs!

2) A word about git tags.  I noticed you only have the "debian/1.0.0-1"
tag, but no "upstream/1.0.0" tag in your git repo.  git-buildpackage
should have created that for you; it's worth checking to see if you
didn't forget to push.

Also, we usually don't create the "debian/xyz" tags until the package
has been uploaded and accepted into the archives.  This is because the
"debian/xyz" tag is meant to indicate when a successful release of the
package was made.

> My recent upload contains another change besides the ones above: for now I
> removed the helper script "aggregate-results.sh".
> I started a discussion with upstream in order to decide whether that file 
> needs
> to be included at all (https://github.com/chriscool/sharness/issues/78).

Hm, alright.  The "aggregate-results.sh" may be useful to some users; it
provides a way to display the results in a nicer way, right?  I
understand the concerns you raised in the ticket, and don't have an
immediate answer.  Maybe you could install it under
/usr/share/doc/sharness/contrib/, since it's not an example script, but
doesn't seem *that* important to justify polluting the PATH.  What do
you think?

>> Otherwise, the package looks good to me.  Let me know when you address
>> these issues and I'll be happy to upload it.
> Thank you for your kind offer!
> I just uploaded my updated source package:
>  https://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/sharness/sharness_1.0.0-1.dsc

Thanks.  I'll wait until you fix the issue with d/rules (readding the
HOME variable), and then upload the package.


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