Mattia Rizzolo <> writes:
> On Sat, Jan 05, 2019 at 09:24:06PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
>> I have a source package (python-astropy) that I now want to remove from
>> unstable. I took care that all reverse dependencies were removed now in
>> recent uploads. As suggested in [1], I first issued
>> $ ssh "dak rm -Rn python-astropy"
>> to see whether it would run without errors. The output is however:
> […]
>> In total, more than 50 mpackages are listed. Many of them because of the
>> python3-astropy (build) dependency in hurd (which is unavoidable to
>> break, but that is not a release platform anyway); but also a lot of old
>> cruft. I though that this would be removed automatically?
> cruft is not automatically removed as long as it would break stuff,
> like in this case…
> You say "unavoidable", but to me it seems:
>  * hurd is blocked because src:astropy doesn't build simply because
>    src:python-psutil is not building which is very simply because of
>    #676450 which has a patch for 6 years and is team maintained even!
>  * kbsd is not building because of a known issue in src:python3.7 that
>    misdetects the avalability of sem_open() on kbsd, but alas the kbsd
>    porters are too few and despute knowing the issue they can't work on
>    them; however I've also been assured that it's not that hard to fix,
>    so I guess somebody caring enough could try spending some time on
>    this (in which case, let me point you to James Clark, he looked a bit
>    at the issue in the past, he could tell you where to look).

That is a different thing: once the dependencies on Hurd are fixed, you
get python3-astropy back on that platform, independently whether
python-astropy was removed or not. If the dependencies remain unfixed, I
will remove python-astropy anyway at some point.

>> So what is the correct way now to get the package removed?
> You could go ahead on the bug report, listing the rdeps that you
> investigated and stating that you are willing to break them.
> However, looking at how many there are, I think that would be rude and
> as a supporter of the ports project I try my best to fix such issues
> before going the way of breaking the rdeps.  At least the hurd one looks
> incredibly trivial to deal with from a quick glance.

All these rdeps would come back automatically once someone fixes the
dependencies. And I do not assume any user of
Hurd-unstable-python3-astropy. But if you fix it, I can wait a while
before requesting removal. Is a week enough?

> As I stated, removing from testing looks much simpler

But it would happen automatically once the package is not in unstable,



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