On Sun, Jan 06, 2019 at 06:31:01PM +0100, Alberto Molina Coballes wrote:
>  * Package name    : arptables
>    Version         : 0.0.4+snapshot20181021-1

>   * [2c7c7c6] New upstream version 0.0.4+snapshot20181021
>   * [c6b2324] d/patches: Adapt the default patch to the latest upstream 
> version
>   * [3076713] arptables: introduce /sbin compatibility symlinks
>   * [4108b0d] arptables: introduce alternatives for /usr/sbin/arptables
>     (Closes: #916106)
>   * [f7b48be] d/control: bump std-version to 4.3.0

I'm afraid the package fails to remove:

  Removing arptables (0.0.4+snapshot20181021-1) ...
  dpkg-query: no packages found matching iptables
  dpkg: error processing package arptables (--remove):
   installed arptables package pre-removal script subprocess returned error 
exit status 1
  Errors were encountered while processing:
  E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

It's run with "set -e", thus dies on "variable=$(false)".

You may want to try various piuparts scenarios, and/or abuse chroots a bit,
as such transitions are quite tricky to get right.

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