I suspect this is caused by bumping debhelper compat (while often a good idea, this is intentionally *not* risk-free, which is why it requires explicit action), but I haven't actually tried fixing it by reverting this.

codesearch finds that message in dwz:

dwz was added to the standard dh sequence in compat 12:

As it seems to relate to debug information, it might be a good idea to test whether that works:
# apt-get install libsleef3-dbgsym
$ gdb --args <executable (not script) that uses libsleef3>
(gdb) break <somewhere in the sleef source, in file.c:123 format>
(gdb) run
[wait for "hit Breakpoint", or if it's a program that spends most of its time in sleef, press Ctrl+C]
(gdb) bt full
[should show source line numbers and parameter values, i.e. like #909379 not #914021]

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