Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: normal

Dear mentors,

I am looking for a sponsor to upload a new openldap package. It adds two new binary packages that resolve some long-standing wishlist bugs.

I hope that this could still reach testing before the soft freeze. However, it could be deferred if that seems too risky; in that case I might request an upload to experimental instead.

Changes since the last upload:

  * Reintroduce slapi-dev binary package. (Closes: #711469)
    Thanks to Florian Schlichting.
  * Do not call gnutls_global_set_mutex(). (Closes: #803197)
  * Use dh_auto_* to build and install contrib modules.
    - Stop patching the clean rule in smbk5pwd's Makefile.
  * Explicitly list overlays and man pages installed by slapd package in
    slapd.install and slapd.manpages files.
  * Set common variables for contrib Makefiles by make(1) command line instead
    of patching every Makefile.
  * Build and install more contrib plugins in a new slapd-contrib package:
    - pw-apr1 and pw-netscape (Closes: #592362)
    - pw-pbkdf2 (Closes: #794999)
  * Import the slapo-pw-pbkdf2 man page from upstream git master and install
    it with the slapd-contrib package.
  * Add smbk5pwd to slapd-contrib and turn slapd-smbk5pwd into a transitional
    package. Drop smbk5pwd README since it now has a man page which is a
    better resource for users.
    - Use Breaks to ensure that slapd is not upgraded in between removing the
      old smbk5pwd module and installing the new one.
  * Include the and helper scripts in the
    slapd-contrib package as examples.
  * Merge remaining contrib Makefile patches into a single contrib-makefiles

Notes on my own local testing:

- I have tested arch-all, arch-any, stage1, and full builds using sbuild. - I verified using debdiff that the list of files installed by the slapd package did not change. - I have reviewed the build log and checked that dpkg-buildflags are being correctly used when building the contrib modules.

- I have tested sid->sid and stretch->sid upgrades using piuparts.
- I have manually tested sid->sid and stretch->sid upgrades with the smbk5pwd module added and configured, and have used Breaks to ensure correct ordering for this upgrade.

- I manually tested the gnutls change in some scenarios such as a PAM/NSS setup.
- The gnutls change has also been tested by a user; see #803197.

Thanks for considering,

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