Paul Wise <> writes:

> On Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 7:06 PM <> wrote:
>> Could somebody please explain me the meaning of the "Checking
>> build-dependency (indep) on amd64" migration excuse as seen on
> Looking at the code, I think it means that the migration scripts are
> verifying the Build-Depends-Indep packages are installable on amd64
> and probably ignoring installability on other arches. This is
> reasonable since all of Debian's arch:all buildds use amd64 right now.

Thanks, Paul, it makes sense indeed and I agree it's reasonable to do,
but how/why is this an excuse?  Is there any problem with that?


That gives 404 to me.

>> I think I understand the rest, although I don't know whether the
>> autopkgtest regression blocks migration indefinitely.  That would be
>> unfortunate, because unstable pcs needs unstable pacemaker, so they
>> deadlock...
> I think you will need to ask the release team to hint them in together.

OK, will do.

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