On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 08:05:42PM +1100, Andrew Worsley wrote:
> I don't have a sponsor (suggestions of where to look welcomed).

> I assume the Errors are show stoppers...
>  1. Should I strip out the .exe files from the github repository and
> ignore any worries about people who might try to build it on Windows?
It doesn't matter for Debian. Only the source package contents matter.

>   2.  The source-is-missing .html/.js files with very long lines -
> Should I override them? Or try to wrap the lines?
If they are sources in the preferred form for modification, why do they
have long and not human-editable lines? If they are not actually sources
you need to provide sources and build the resulting files from them.

>   3. The embedded-library issues - I assume there is not much choice
> but to strip the code out and try and link against the relevant
> packaged library?
Yes, of course.

>   Finally is there any way of running the lintian check with out
> building the whole package ?
Well, how can you check a package that doesn't exist?
You can run lintian against the source package to check the source package
problems though.

> It's 30mb source code and dpkg-buildpackage takes a while. 

Also, is this a fork of some old mozilla code? I'm not sure we want some
old mozilla code in the archive.


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