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Package: sponsorship-requests
Severity: normal


 I am adopting elinks. I have worked on the fork that Moritz has 
 I have emailed previous upstream maintainers,asking them if they are 
 still maintaining elinks. Two emails bounced back, and I still got no 
 reply from the others.
 Anyways, this upload is targetting experimental, as I have enabled 
 several features like Bittorrent and Javascript.

This upload fixes the following bugs
#740981 (normal): elinks: doesn't check if hostname matches certificate's 
CN/SAN (CWE-297)
#757631 (normal): elinks: HTML5 source element display missing
#797931 (normal): elinks: Does not support SSL rehandshakes
#797934 (wishlist): elinks: Support for SSL authentication using client certs
#797968 (wishlist): elinks: Please add support for TLS SNI
#856852 (normal): cert_verify is disabled by default
#866015 (important): elinks: SSL error with some websites
#879539 (minor): elinks: contains code related to gnutls pgp supprt
#891575 (important): elinks: CVE-2012-6709
#917406 (normal): ITA: elinks -- advanced text-mode WWW browser

Last changelog entry is:
elinks (0.13~20190114-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release (Closes: #891575, #797931, #797934, #757631,
    #866015, #797968, #740981, #865852)
  * Add git-buildpackage conf file
  * Refreshed patches & removed patches that were includes upstream.
    Removed patches:
    08-drop-deprecated-gnutls-functions.diff (Closes: #879539)
  * Add libgcrypt20-dev to build deps
  * Re-added 14_debug_disable_Werror.diff to enable development versions debug
  * Added 16_POST_BUFFER_SIZE.diff patch which to enable  uploading large files
    over https:// connections.
  * Add ascii-replacement-utf8-console.diff patch to print ASCII replacement
    for characters not found in current codepage in utf8 mode
  * Enable LZMA support
  * Enable BitTorrent
  * Enable NNTP Support
  * Enable Unicode combining characters support
  * Enable EX mode support
  * Enable SpiderMonkey support
  * Enable terminfo support
  * Build documentation
  * Build with libev
  * Bumped to compat level 12.
    No need to have dh-autoreconf, autotools-dev from build deps
    Also no need to explicitly call the respective sequences in rules
  * Remove old upstream gpg key.
  * Remove whitespaces
  * Renamed elinks.config to elinks.conf, old name confused build scrips
  * debian/rules: Override dh_installexamples to exclude .gitignore
  * Add typos.diff patch to fix spelling mistakes
  * debian/control:
    + Replace Conflicts with Breaks+Replaces
    + Update standards version to 4.3.0
    + New maintainer (Closes: #917406)
    + Add Vcs-* fields
  * Add upstream metadata
  * Switch to DEP-5 copyright format
  * Disable pristine-tar, since we are getting the release from upstream git

There is one lintian warning:
W: elinks-data: manpage-has-errors-from-man usr/share/man/man5/elinks.conf.5.gz 
1166: warning [p 14, 7.0i]: can't break line

The package is on: , 
felinks branch

To access further information about this package, please visit the following 

Alternatively, one can download the package with dget using this command:
  dget -x

‎أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)
 Digital design engineer
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On Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 04:29:26AM +0100, أحمد المحمودي wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 03:37:24PM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > Alas, it still FTBFSes:
> > /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/doc/manual.xml:3993: element link: validity error : IDREF 
> > attribute linkend references an unknown ID "CONFIG-SCRIPTING-SPIDERMONKEY"

> Fixed upstream. I have re-uploaded to mentors.


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