Samuel Thibault, le mar. 05 févr. 2019 20:21:56 +0200, a ecrit:
> Andreas Beckmann, le mar. 05 févr. 2019 10:54:49 +0100, a ecrit:
> > Control: retitle -1 starpu: FTBFS while building documentation
> Ok, I give up with building the pdf version, doxygen+latex is too much
> of a hassle.

For information, I had to do it not only in starpu, but also in
gtg-trace, hwloc, and litl, i.e. essentially almost all of my packages
which build pdf out of doxygen.

We had already had LaTeX dependency issues in the past, and now it seems
to be a bug in the .tex file itself, I'm sorry I just can't spend time
on fixing issues between doxygen and LaTeX, Debian will just only ship
the html version for these packages.

If anybody wants to try to fix the actual issue, just disable the
doc-nopdf patch in those packages.


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