On Sunday 09 November 2008 03:05, Sven Joachim wrote:
> On 2008-11-09 01:06 +0100, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > I attempted to to the chroot command directly, and got a bit more
> > verbose output ending in:
> > Setting up libc6 (2.7-16) ...
> > sh: /dev/null: Permission denied
> > sh: /dev/null: Permission denied
> My crystal ball tells me that /home is mounted with the `nodev' option.
> Correct?


Yeah, that's my problem. I guess I was expecting 'nodev' to cause some other 
error, perhaps on device creation.  I was initially creating my pbuilder 
chroots on in /var/cache and that's also mounted 'nodev'.

I know chroots will need special attention but, are there any guidelines as to 
what filesystems are generally safe to mount 'nodev' (and 'nosuid')?
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