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Giovanni Mascellani dixit:

>Here you have a backtrace of the startup crash, which I guess is the
>same of the original poster.

It’s on amd64, but thanks anyway, this helps.

>Removing configuration and cache files does not seem to help.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this even *with* removing them, but I
found out the cause by looking at your stack trace.

I removed all configuration and cache files, then started musescore
with the default empty score, hit ‘P’ to display the piano, exited
musescore, and started it again; this does indeed trigger the crash.

I’ll analyse it and/or give it for upstream to deal with.

In the meantime, you can start MuseScore again by editing the file
~/.config/MuseScore/MuseScore2.ini and setting the showPianoKeyboard
entry in the [MainWindow] section to “false”. (Note that, when you
start MuseScore again, the piano will be once again active, so after
exiting it will set this back to “true” so you’ll have to disable the
piano before exiting.)

Thanks for the extra information,
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