I recommend to accept Mechtilde Stehmann as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
The account name is mechtilde.

 * Applicant background

In 1983 I startet to learn how I can use applications at computers. I
started with an Apple ][ clone.

My first installation of Debian was Woody (3.0) in late 2002.

At the end of 2004 I started my public work with translations and
bugreports for Debian and OpenOffice.org.

In November 2013 I published my first package Loook. Now I also maintain
libreoffice-canzeley-client and calendar-exchange-provider.

I became Debian Maintainer in September 2014 and did my first uploads
since 2014.

Beside packaging some small packages I am interested in helping people
tp make it easier to do their work in small businesses with Free Software.

I will also encourage women to keep their curiosity for technical
things. That can help to bring some more women to Debian too. I myself
came in contact with the Debian community via Debian Women in 2004.


Tomasz Buchert

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