Hendrik Tews:
> Hi,
> thanks to Daniel, the build dependency problems around opam,
> cmdliner and topkg have now been resolved upstream:
> - opam dropped the dependency on jsonm and, transitively, on
>   uutf. Therefore, it should be possible to build opam without
>   topkg. This is in the upstream master branch (PR Get rid of
>   jsonm dep #3009) but has neither been merged into the 1.3
>   branch nor been released.
> - Just released cmdliner 1.0.1 contains a topkg free build and
>   installation procedure with proper support for DESTDIR and
>   bytecode only architectures.
> - No changes in topkg. topkg can now be build after cmdliner and
>   opam and rely on opam-installer.
> I will move forward with updating the cmdliner package and then
> packaging topkg for the first time.

Great! Thank you Daniel and everyone else involved!


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