Le 03/12/2019 à 12:27, Vincent Lefevre a écrit :
> The purpose of unison-all is the following (see the latest sentence
> in particular):
> [...]
>  Each of the supported versions uses a different protocol version;
>  installing this metapackage ensures the ability to synchronize with
>  old systems.
> But it currently depends only on unison, which is no longer compatible
> with Debian 10 (buster), i.e. the current Debian/stable.

The transition to OCaml 4.02, the first one that revealed that Unison
was dependent on the version of OCaml used to compile it, also revealed
that providing such a compatibility package was not sustainable: it is
not possible to provide in bullseye a version of unison compatible with
the one in buster since they provide different versions of OCaml (and we
don't want to provide several versions of OCaml in the same release, not
just for unison). Maybe the best thing to do is to remove meta-unison
from Debian.

Depending on the old version is not possible, since it is meant to
disappear when unison migrates to testing.



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