Thank you very much for packaging LibreOffice for Debian!

I'm running on Jessie amd64 and have used LibO from backports since
Wheezy just fine.

Since the upgrade to 5.x, page-wise scrolling in any LibO document (most
noticeably in spreadsheets) momentarily causes Xorg to use 100% CPU for
1-2 seconds before the screen paints.

This problem does not occur in 4.3.3-2+deb8u5 from jessie/stable.

I tested with the x64 DEBs from LibreOffice.org directly and the
problem occurs there too. But I also tried the v5.2.1.2 x64 DEBs from
the LibO site and that works correctly.

So what is the chance the version of LibO in Jessie-backports could be
upgraded soon?

Thank you again very much for your time and work!

Sean M. Pappalardo

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