notfound 870757
found 870757 1:5.3.5~rc1-1
tag 870757 + moreinfo
tag 870757 + unreproducible


On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 09:26:53PM +0200, phobos wrote:
> Package: libreoffice5.3-writer

This is not a Debian package.

> Version:

And this is not a version which was in Debian.

This looks like a TDF deb from LibreOffice website.

I can't even mark it as found in 5.3.5-1 (or so), because that one never
existed in Debian, we jumped from 5.3.5~rc1-1 ( upstream) to 5.4.0.

This BTS takes bugs on Debian packages, not TDF .debs

> LO writer 5.2 / 5.3 crashes or freezes when file menu is opened and mouse

Which versions, precisely? And also packages in Debian?

> 64bit version on 64bit PC works perfect.

Good. That's what you should be using anyway.

> Install / uninstall of libreoffice-gtk* has no effect.

Of course, because it doesn't have an effect the TDF packages if you
install/uninstall packges for Debians packages (path differs)-.

Please try again with Debians packages. Or close this bug. Either way,
there won't be a action here with TDFs debs.



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