On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 06:19:42PM +0200, Kamil Jonca wrote:
> 1. Open Writer or Calc window 

So if this affected also Writer, why is this assigned against libreoffice-calc?

> 2. Open emacs or xterm  window,  write some random text.
> 3.Select this text (but DON'T use Ctrl-Insert or sth)
> 4. change focus to Calc or Writer window
> 5. push middle mouse button
> I expect, that in libreoffice window should paste text I selected earlier.
> This work in 1:5.2.7-1 and previous versions

And in 5.3.4 / 5.3.5 rc1 which were in unstable before this? Or did you
only just upgrade from 5.2.7?

> -- System Information:
> Debian Release: buster/sid
>   APT prefers unstable
>   APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'stable')

Why stable in here? Please don't tell me you ran stable before and just 
LO from unstable? There's 5.4.0 in stretch-backports for exactly this...

(Though on a first glance the package versions consistently look at sid, 
checked some
only, though)



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