On 06.03.2018 10:01, Rene Engelhard wrote:
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Would you also file the same bug if people using vi would do 10000dd
or %y or so blindly in command mode and wondering whether 10000 lines or your
file contents are gone?
No, however if deletion occurs during normal edition (scrolling, entering of 
normal characters) it is obviously a reason to fill the bug report.
It should be possible to switch an obligatory warning/confirmation request
before any deletion of a slide or group of slides.
I'd consider it annoying if valid slide deletions would always need to
be deleted. Would you also do it in every cell in calc? In every word in
I'd prefer to be able to set it in the settings (preferences) menu.
Currently having my presentations corrupted in random way is much more annoying 
then confirming the deletions.

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Wojciech M Zabolotny, PhD
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