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Would you also file the same bug if people using vi would do 10000dd
or %y or so blindly in command mode and wondering whether 10000 lines or your
file contents are gone?
No, however if deletion occurs during normal edition (scrolling, entering of 
normal characters) it is obviously a reason to fill the bug report.
You yourself said:

"Probably certain user activity (a special dragging the slides in the
pannel, or using a special key sequence?) causes Impress to delete a
slide without any warning or confirmation request."

"special key sequence" is not the same as "entering of normal
characters", neither is "a special dragging" the same as scrolling.
Generally the problem occurs during normal editing. When I change the slides 
order in the left pannel, or when I switch between moving slides and normal 
editing in the main window.
Unfortunately, I can't recreate that behavior. Whenever I try to trigger the problem, and do strangest operations in the left pannel (e.g. dropping one slide on another, dragging the group of slides etc.) nothing happens.
As soon as I start normal editing and focus on the work not on the GUI 
operations, the problem randomly occurs.
If I detect it quickly enough, I can recover the slide with CTRL+Z. If I notice it after significant changes are done, the only workaround is to save the corrupted presentation in another file, then recover the original presentation with CTRL+Z, and finally merge them both.


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