On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 10:04:34PM +0300, Alexander Kernozhitsky wrote:
> > So it probably some system library at fault. Or some integration, though
> > apparently it happens with both gtk3 and "gen"... In both cases that is
> > still a upstream bug (, too).
> Please read the upstream bug report carefully. It's said there that the fault 

I read it. LO upstream is quite fast on blaming upstream bugs to
distributions if it doesn't work on their shipped binaries - even if it
was a bug in their code only exhibiting on newer systems with newer

> is in Debian version of LibreOffice, official LibreOffice debs work fine on 
> Debian. So, LibreOffice is at fault, not system libraries.

LO ships all possible (including stuff available on every Linux) libraries 
while we aren't. Including stuff like cairo etc.

And no, I am so not going to use gazillions of (old, (security buggy at
times) internal libraries.

So still, it can be an issue of us using some (newer) system library.



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