Package: src:libreoffice-dictionaries
Version: 6.1.3-1

In the course of looking into pyphen packaging with Scott Kitterman, i
noticed that it expects symlinks from hyphenation files like hyph_af.dic
to hyph_af_ZA.dic.  I filed against
hyphen-en-us for that package.

In this case, i am asking for the same kind of symlink arrangement for
the following hyphenation dictionaries in the parenthesized binary

af → af_ZA (hyphen-af)
bg → bg_BG (hyphen-bg)
cs → cs_CZ (hyphen-cs)
da → da_DK (hyphen-da)
de → de_DE (hyphen-de)
el → el_GR (hyphen-el)
en_Latn_GB → en_GB (hyphen-en-gb)
hr → hr_HR (hyphen-hr)
hu → hu_HU (hyphen-hu)
it → it_IT (hyphen-it)
lt → lt_LT (hyphen-lt)
lv → lv_LV (hyphen-lv)
nl → nl_NL (hyphen-nl)
pl → pl_PL (hyphen-pl)
pt → pt_PT (hyphen-pt-pt)
pt_Latn_BR → pt_BR (hyphen-pt-br)
pt_Latn_PT → pt_PT (hyphen-pt-pt)
ro → ro_RO (hyphen-ro)
ru → ru_RU (hyphen-ru)
sk → sk_SK (hyphen-sk)
sl → sl_SI (hyphen-sl)
te → te_IN (hyphen-te)
uk → uk_UA (hyphen-uk)
zu → zu_ZA (hyphen-zu)

let me know if there are any problems with this!


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