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Package: src:libreoffice-dictionaries
Version: 6.1.3-1

In the course of looking into pyphen packaging with Scott Kitterman, i
noticed that it expects symlinks from hyphenation files like hyph_af.dic
to hyph_af_ZA.dic.  I filed against
hyphen-en-us for that package.

In this case, i am asking for the same kind of symlink arrangement for
the following hyphenation dictionaries in the parenthesized binary

af → af_ZA (hyphen-af)
bg → bg_BG (hyphen-bg)
cs → cs_CZ (hyphen-cs)
da → da_DK (hyphen-da)
de → de_DE (hyphen-de)
el → el_GR (hyphen-el)
en_Latn_GB → en_GB (hyphen-en-gb)
hr → hr_HR (hyphen-hr)
hu → hu_HU (hyphen-hu)
it → it_IT (hyphen-it)
lt → lt_LT (hyphen-lt)
lv → lv_LV (hyphen-lv)
nl → nl_NL (hyphen-nl)
pl → pl_PL (hyphen-pl)
pt → pt_PT (hyphen-pt-pt)
pt_Latn_BR → pt_BR (hyphen-pt-br)
pt_Latn_PT → pt_PT (hyphen-pt-pt)
ro → ro_RO (hyphen-ro)
ru → ru_RU (hyphen-ru)
sk → sk_SK (hyphen-sk)
sl → sl_SI (hyphen-sl)
te → te_IN (hyphen-te)
uk → uk_UA (hyphen-uk)
zu → zu_ZA (hyphen-zu)

let me know if there are any problems with this!


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Source: libreoffice-dictionaries
Source-Version: 1:6.2.0~rc2-1

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
libreoffice-dictionaries, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP 

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Mattia Rizzolo <> (supplier of updated 
libreoffice-dictionaries package)

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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 10:39:09 +0100
Source: libreoffice-dictionaries
Binary: libreoffice-lightproof-pt-br myspell-hr myspell-pl myspell-sv-se 
hunspell-sv-se hunspell-gl-es hyphen-af hunspell-af mythes-ar hyphen-bg 
hunspell-bg mythes-bg hunspell-bn hunspell-bs hyphen-ca mythes-ca hyphen-cs 
hunspell-cs mythes-cs hyphen-da hunspell-da mythes-da hunspell-de-at-frami 
hunspell-de-ch-frami hunspell-de-de-frami hyphen-de hyphen-el hunspell-el 
hunspell-en-za mythes-en-us hyphen-en-gb hunspell-en-gb hyphen-es hunspell-es 
mythes-es hyphen-fr mythes-fr hunspell-gd hyphen-gl hunspell-gl mythes-gl 
hunspell-gu hunspell-gug mythes-gug hunspell-he hunspell-hi hyphen-hr 
hunspell-hr hyphen-hu hunspell-hu mythes-hu hyphen-id hunspell-id mythes-id 
hyphen-is hunspell-is mythes-is hyphen-it hunspell-it mythes-it hunspell-kmr 
hunspell-lo hyphen-lt hunspell-lt mythes-lv hunspell-ne mythes-ne hyphen-nl 
hyphen-no hunspell-no mythes-no hunspell-oc hunspell-pl hyphen-pt-br 
hunspell-pt-br hyphen-pt-pt hunspell-pt-pt mythes-pt-pt hyphen-ro hunspell-ro 
 hunspell-ru mythes-ru hunspell-si hyphen-sk hunspell-sk mythes-sk hyphen-sl 
hunspell-sl mythes-sl hyphen-sr hunspell-sr hyphen-sv hunspell-sv mythes-sv 
hunspell-sw hunspell-te hunspell-th hunspell-tr hyphen-uk hunspell-uk mythes-uk 
Architecture: source
Version: 1:6.2.0~rc2-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian LibreOffice Maintainers <>
Changed-By: Mattia Rizzolo <>
 hunspell-af - Afrikaans dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-bg - Bulgarian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-bn - Bengali dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-bs - Bosnian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-cs - Czech dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-da - Danish dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-de-at-frami - German (Austria) dictionary for hunspell ("frami" 
 hunspell-de-ch-frami - German (Switzerland) dictionary for hunspell ("frami" 
 hunspell-de-de-frami - German dictionary for hunspell ("frami" version)
 hunspell-el - Modern Greek dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-en-gb - English (GB) dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-en-za - English (South Africa) dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-es - Spanish dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-gd - Scottish Gaelic dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-gl - Galician dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-gl-es - Galician dictionary for hunspell - dummy transitional package
 hunspell-gu - Gujarati dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-gug - Guarani dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-he - Hebrew dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-hi - Hindi dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-hr - Croatian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-hu - Hungarian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-id - Indonesian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-is - Icelandic dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-it - Italian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-kmr - Kurmanji dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-lo - Laotian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-lt - Lithuanian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-ne - Nepalese dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-no - Norwegian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-oc - Occitan dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-pl - Polish dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-pt-br - Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-pt-pt - Portuguese dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-ro - Romanian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-ru - Russian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-si - Sinhala dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-sk - Slovak dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-sl - Slovene dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-sr - Serbian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-sv - Swedish dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-sv-se - Swedish dictionary for hunspell - dummy transitional package
 hunspell-sw - Swahili dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-te - Telugu dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-th - Thai dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-tr - Turkish dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-uk - Ukrainian dictionary for hunspell
 hunspell-vi - Vietnamese dictionary for hunspell
 hyphen-af  - Afrikaans hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-bg  - Bulgarian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-ca  - Catalan hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-cs  - Czech hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-da  - Danish hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-de  - German hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-el  - Modern Greek hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-en-gb - English (GB) hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-es  - Spanish hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-fr  - French hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-gl  - Galician hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-hr  - Croatian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-hu  - Hungarian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-id  - Indonesian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-is  - Icelandic hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-it  - Italian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-lt  - Lithuanian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-nl  - Dutch hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-no  - Norwegian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-pt-br - Brazilian Portuguese hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-pt-pt - Portuguese hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-ro  - Romanian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-sk  - Slovak hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-sl  - Slovene hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-sr  - Serbian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-sv  - Swedish hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-uk  - Ukrainian hyphenation patterns
 hyphen-zu  - Zulu hyphenation patterns
 libreoffice-lightproof-pt-br - Lightproof grammar checker for LibreOffice 
(Brazilian Portuguese)
 myspell-hr - Croatian dictionary for hunspell - dummy transitional package
 myspell-pl - Polish dictionary for hunspell - dummy transitional package
 myspell-sv-se - Swedish dictionary for hunspell - dummy transitional package
 mythes-ar  - Arabic Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-bg  - Bulgarian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-ca  - Catalan Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-cs  - Czech Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-da  - Danish Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-en-us - English (USA) Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-es  - Spanish Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-fr  - French Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-gl  - Galician Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-gug - Guarani Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-hu  - Hungarian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-id  - Indonesian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-is  - Icelandic Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-it  - Italian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-lv  - Latvian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-ne  - Nepalese Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-no  - Norwegian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-pt-pt - Portuguese Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-ro  - Romanian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-ru  - Russian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-sk  - Slovak Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-sl  - Slovene Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-sv  - Swedish Thesaurus for LibreOffice
 mythes-uk  - Ukrainian Thesaurus for LibreOffice
Closes: 824178 918318
 libreoffice-dictionaries (1:6.2.0~rc2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version 6.2.0~rc2.
     + Drop patch fixing bg_BG encoding, superseded by upstream changes.
   * special case a couple of languages that do odd things.
   * d/rules:
     + Drop now unneeded chmod.
     + Generate links from like hyph_af → hyph_af_ZA in some hyphen
       packages.  Closes: #918318
   * Refactor the way we install the files, generating a single rules.install
     calling dh_install file rather than tons of *.install files.
   * Update copyright.
   * Take over the now transitional hunspell-gl-es package, since we are
     shipping the very same dictionary starting with this version.
     LP: #1578821; Closes: #824178
   * Bump Standards-Version to 4.3.0, no changes needed.
   * Bump debhelper compat level to 12.
 a85b8f9d48ed129cfef2101b43ca55136595de12 8018 
 cc8ae7a83c2e844d1ebafca5b0b483f793f87948 45051148 
 ff298b7291f5c4bcf4333016cd32a8871f476da3 833 
 6018cecbc5bb25b31da5371c6b205be839e32902 64364 
 e29852b506767a40a979d409f61b0cd67fa39b45 33820 
 16e5eaff3e8e3623d53552505219c3f91c10cd7d293cae203798062dd5155458 8018 
 c83935686522cdb8f38763a140a2491d464f11ecdef35e26a4d9ad8c8bbaa0a3 45051148 
 a9805704da2e7110e79aacb3e146267ef83c556cc3d523f15ca3d9ac1f2f0551 833 
 f72d1f7e601499822335dcc579a0dce98f4b1a1c47dd9491ee29aaede3367038 64364 
 6a37d0fa16bc0734f64378602529d2ae2f87e9d4cd785726def1b431b8ef509f 33820 
 eeee888f1c911173ea832d471de61da0 8018 text optional 
 04d63750b0fa4cc9496171a633402e04 45051148 text optional 
 edb3cc289bf57ef1ceacb7b5f8b9e0e0 833 text optional 
 7674284dac9524ed9d9c10d1ebc27b4e 64364 text optional 
 42659b3faa2c33fb5941198c97b73a18 33820 text optional 



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