Hello Davide,

> With the debug symbols libreoffice is becoming slow and a lot more 
> memory have been used...
> I have killed calc when I have only 121 MB of free memory and the swap 
> was partially used.
> The file generated: 919297_libreoffice_gdb_2019-01-21_11-01-29.txt is 
> very small.

I had hoped to find some functions that may indicate a tight loop.
Unfortunately I could not identify such one. Also my suggested dbgsym
packages might have pulled some java dependencies into the system,
wich might be unrelated, as they are in the first gdb run not visible.

> So I have search library without debug symbols
> $ cat 919297_libreoffice_gdb_2019-01-21_11-01-29.txt | grep libreoffice 
> | grep \*

Sorry for not being more specific, but installing debug symbols
for the executable and the libraries that appear in the backtraces
is enough. So that grep might have been sufficient (and have
lowered the memory consumption of gdb).

    grep -E "^#.*/lib/.*\.so" 919297_libreoffice_gdb_2019-01-21_11-01-29.txt

Are your running by any chance in a wayland session?
Then this bug might be interesting:


Also is it reproducible if you have saved the document as ods, close
all libreoffice instances and open that ods and filter there?

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