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On Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 01:36:16PM +0100, negora wrote:
> When I try to save a CSV file, the option "Edit filter settings" of the
> "Save As..." dialogue box is disabled (greyed out). But, instead, it
> should be enabled.
> Steps to reproduce:
>   1. Create a new empty document.
>   2. Choose the option "File → Save As..."
>   3. In the "Filter" selector, choose "Text CSV (.csv)".
> Workarounds:
>   1. Uninstall "libreoffice-kde5" (and "libreoffice-kde", just in case),
> and install "libreoffice-gtk3" instead. The GTK3 plug-in works fine.

That makes no sense. libreoffice-kde5 in buster is gtk3 plugin disguised
as "gtk3 + a kde5 filepicker".
Only later versions like in backports have a native kde/qt plugin.

So the bug is not in the plug-in but the "kde5 file picker"

> I've searched in the bug database of LibreOffice, and it seems that this
> bug already came up in past versions. It was fixed back then. Check
> this: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72187 . There

For KDE4, yes.

> Right now, I can't test the latest version distributed by LibreOffice or
> the version from Debian Backports. So I don't know if it has been fixed
> upstream.

Why? You can.

(And I am 99% sure it is fixed there.)



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